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This is the seed of a dream, and now it is beginning to sprout.

At first, I often couldn't find suitable clothes to wear because of some shortcomings of my body. Later, because of the development of the Internet, online shopping became more and more convenient, and I often bought poor quality clothes.


Designing my own clothes

I came up with the idea of designing my own clothes and wearing them myself, and then I enrolled in a class to learn the design, drew my own drawings, asked a manufacturer to make patterns, and selected materials for the manufacturer to help produce.


Own my own online store

Due to the limited quantity, the factory could not produce the clothes I designed in small batches. I came up with the idea of producing beautiful and comfortable clothes for more women who have the same troubles as me. I started my journey of selling women's clothing online.

Ten Years of Precipitation

We understand the needs of women better and work hard for it.

Up to now, we have a certain number of employees and long-term fixed cooperation manufacturers, producing a lot of clothes that everyone likes.